Cisco “Unified Computing” Announcement

Cisco to announce a major product line on March 15th

Cisco to announce the Next Generation Data Center Product that will probably accelerate Cloud Computing on Monday- We think that the discussion about SOA and Cloud Computing needs to become more sophisticated. An abbreviated presentation will be embedded in this post. For a full presentation, please contact me at technicalarchitect2007 at gmail dot com .

“Here come the Data Center Wars”

“Now, the gloves are off. Cisco is preparing to launch a full frontal attack on one of HP’s key markets: servers. Although nothing has been officially announced from Cisco, this is one of the worst-kept secrets in the technology business…   ”

The Register reports:

Cisco may sell blade servers

Let the blade wars begin

When it comes to data-centers  we think War is good.

“If Cisco enters the general blade server market it could be a real smart move, giving it a new $5 billion/year business and establishing its networking gear even more firmly in data centres. Whatever the case, the server vendors will be furious. The gloves will be taken off and any tacit truce between networking and server vendors torn up and thrown away. The era of the blade wars will have started; ProCurve opening move followed by Cisco blade response, and then who knows where it might take us. Oh dear Mark Hurd, you will have opened the genie’s bottle and let out the power within. ”

“There’s been a lot of speculation on Cisco’s entry into new markets with technology that delivers on an architectural

approach we call “Unified Computing”.

Over the years, Cisco has made numerous acquisitions which move Cisco up on the IT and SOA Stack.

On the other hand,  this could be another cloud computing initiative. There is much hype about how “Cloud Computing”  offerings like Amazon WebServices,  Microsoft Azure and GoogleApp can make “SOA” obsolete. Cloud Computing offers interesting choices  for the SOA Architect, however the debate over SOA and Cloud Computing needs to become much more sophisticated.  This is what the presentation that I plan to embed below seeks to do. For a full presentation,  please contact me direct at: technicalarchitect2007    AT . I am making the full presentation available very selectively.

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