The IBM Cloud Computing initiative

Details of IBM’s Cloud initiative have been quite sparse.  I went through a couple of whitepapers. One is titled: “IBM’s Vision For The New Enterprise Data Center A breakthrough approach for efficient IT service delivery” .

IBM sees Cloud Computing as a way by which existing technologies like mainframes, application servers and databases are hosted on the cloud. This is dramatically different than the view of  the mainstream Cloud Computing community.

IBM’s WebSphere Stack and datatabase(to be confirmed) is now certified to run on the Amazon Cloud.

IBM has technologies like “Tivoli Provisioning Manager” which allows dynamic provisioning of resources. But I do no think the price points achieved through IBM technology will approach anywhere close to what it will cost to host the same application on a public cloud like the Amazon Cloud.

IBM could have some major announcements though: They think that  most existing public cloud vendors do not understand the complexities and realities of Enterprise IT- a view that I certainly endorse.   IBMs  whitepapers give some interesting figures about scalability challenges for Cloud Computing vendors of tomorrow.

Changing applications and business models: A major shift has taken place in the way
people connect—not only between themselves but also to information, services
and products. The actions and movements of people, processes and objects with
embedded technology are creating vast amounts of data, which consumers use to
make more informed decisions and drive action.

By 2011, it is estimated that:
• 2 billion people will be on the World Wide Web
• Connected objects—cars, appliances, cameras, roadways, pipelines—
will reach one trillion

In 2007, there were 3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide—and that number is
estimated to grow to 4 billion by 2010.

• Between 2003 and 2006 stock market data volumes rose by 1750 percent in
financial services markets alone.
• Data volumes and bandwidth consumed are doubling every 18 months with
devices accessing data over networks doubling every 2.5 years.

Overall, I think IBM has a good understanding of the complexities and the scale of Enterprise Cloud Computing, however they do not have a product or offering that seems as clear as well defined as the other Cloud Frameworks.

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