The Sun Cloud…

Sun announced an entry into the Cloud computing space, promising that “Behind Every Cloud you will see the Sun” . By allowing Private onpremises clouds, Sun could persuade mainstream rather than cutting-edge IT organizations to move to the world of Cloud Computing.

“Move over, Amazon. The leading provider of cloud services is about to get some serious competition from Sun Microsystems, which made its entrance into cloud computing Wednesday with plans to offer compute and storage services built on Sun technologies, including OpenSolaris and MySQL.”

Sun’s Cloud offering includes:  Storage based on ZFS- Sun’s distributed file system and an “Enterprise Stack” based on mySQL+ GlassFish Application server.

Unlike Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2, the Sun Cloud can be created onsite.   This will allow  customers to create their own clouds based on the Sun API.  The Sun’s storage API is portable with Amazon S3 service.

Sun’s cloud is based on the robust pedigree of its proven technologies in the area of Networking and storage, the strong Open Solaris Operating System. It will use the technology acquired from Q ware to do management.

I think customers will like the idea of creating Private clouds using the Sun Technology.  I am disappointed that they have not bundled an ESB product like Mule or WSO2 with their Cloud offering- but may be that is what an independent cloud provider needs to do.  I think that having the Intalio stack preconfigured in the cloud,  may make BPM in the cloud irresistible.

I think Sun’s move of allowing companies to create their own on-site  Private cloud is very  clever. A lot  of companies for legal and emotional reasons simply cannot  allow their infrastructure to be hosted elsewhere.   They will be very happy however to create their own clouds. I see this as a great opportunity.

Where does this leave Azul Systems? I think a vendor could bundle Azul’s Appliance to create a private cloud offering.  The new blade servers from Cisco and competing servers from HP will allow large number of virtual machines to be created on the same blade server, however I still think that the Azul Compute appliance with its pauseless GC and large heaps still has a major role.

I expect Value-added-resellers and other hosting providers to build on top of the Sun Cloud to create extremely competitive Cloud Computing offerings.  For example, an offering could include  JBOSS application server(s), with mySQL  database and WSO2 ESB.  Another offering could include mySQL database for Operational datastore and Vertica for data analysis and OLAP.

I have been trying to figure out what the “Creative Commons” license is? Does anyone know, what it means in practical terms?

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