Oracle to buy Sun- Will we see a serious competitor to Amazon?

An intelligent combination of the two companies technologies could yet create a good rival to Amazon, or a complement to it at a higher level of the IT and SOA stack. A Times10 frontend to mySQL, can create a database from which you could extract and write data millions of times per second.   A Weblogic Web App that integrates with a Cloud hosted Drupal.  Alternate, key-value like storage engines for  mySQL- to face the challenge posed by other simpler databases.  Tight integration between the fault tolerant capability of Sun Storage and hardware with the fault tolerant capabilities of Oracle or Weblogic. This is quick post, the possibilities for innovation are endless.

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Close but no Cigar for IBM- No match on memory…

IBM announced a new blade server today. They top out at 144 GB, and they are not even close to having 48 DIMM slots which can easily give 384 GB at a very low price.

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