Products that I want to discuss…

I am planning to discuss these products:   A memory expansion ASIC from 3Leaf,  A deep diagnostic product from  DynaTrace and a new Networking Software that makes integrating physical, virtual and cloud based datacenters simple.

A new way of creating servers with very large memory using an ASIC from 3Leaf  Technologies.   Terabyte of RAM at an affordable price- How will you use it to save money for your customers even while reducing costs?

Your CRM is in the data center, the Lead Management System is on, the datawarehousing application is on Amazon AWS Cloud, your Enterprise Portal is partly on Google AppEngine, and partly in the existing datacenter.  There are performance issues- How will you diagnose the problems?  If N-tier systems were a nightmare to debug and troubleshoot, how will you handle the Cloud sprawl?  A product from a company called DynaTrace may offer some answers.

Wondering about how to manage servers in your VMWare environment, and integrate a physical, virtual and a cloud based network?   vEOS Software- a Network software that can migrate servers across these three zones even while maintaining security may offer an answer.

Are there any other products that can simplify life for the IT professional in the Data Center or a hosting provider? Do you want to recommend any products for review?

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