Larry Ellisson on Sun-Oracle merger…

Is this what customers actually want?

“As Ellison said in October, “TJ Watson’s IBM was the greatest company in the history of enterprise in America because its combination of hardware and software was running most of the enterprises on the planet. We think with the combination of Sun technology and Oracle technology we can succeed and beat IBM. That’s our goal.”

Do we want a return to the monolithic hardware/software combination with limited choices?

How will affect choice and price?

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Your Sharepoint, My Sharepoint

I just noticed that Ltech has announced an Integration between Google and Microsoft Sharepoint.  It is not clear but it should probably work with Sharepoint hosted in the Azure Cloud.

I will study it in detail and post about whether it is a live-live bidirectional integration, or just a way of migrating content.  I see great potential for a live-live bidirectional or on-demand synch between content in a proprietary CMS and content being displayed in the Google Apps Cloud.

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A compelling value proposition in the Storage Space…

This is a quick review of  this interesting company.

I first read about them in the Register:       “Compellent – the billion-dollar storage company?   Screw the recession up”

Count on El Reg to make good predictions-

Compellent is now  proposing to raise funds through an IPO.

3.34 million shares at $19.25 per share.  That should raise some cool cash to raise additional money for future sales and marketing efforts.

I think “Thin Provisioning” is the key feature that is going to drive additional sales. It is reviewed in detail here.

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Update: 192 GB list price for Cisco UCS appears to be around 10.5G

Just saw this in the register:

Cisco UCS price appears to be around 10,500 dollars for 192 GB of memory using 48 slots.

This is a very good price for a lot of memory, and may make this a system of choice for memory intensive applications like Remote Desktops, Memcache appliances etc..

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