MySQL to be separated into a separate unit?

Oracle may agree to put mySQL in a separate business unit. This business unit may have a separate board, according to a news item in The Register.

Meanwhile the MariaDB fork is getting momentum.

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10 million transactions per day for $20

Amazon EC2 has discovered the power of main memory databases- It wants to offer to 10 million transactions per day for under $20 using Times10 main memory database. My question: Why do I need to run it on Amazon to get such a low price? Over 3 years, $20 per day adds up to $20,000. A fractional share of a Times10 in-memory database on a new Dell or Cisco UCS server can deliver similar performance- with more control over the environment, live-live disaster recovery, persistence to a permanent Oracle store etc..

I can see this as useful as a temporary solution, but on an ongoing basis it is going to cost a lot more.

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